IMPORTANT NOTE:The dosage rate provided by this calculator is an average of many recommended dosages, and is only intended as a guide. Your Veterinarian may prescribe a higher or lower dose based on many contributing factors. All dose calculation results from this calculator should be confirmed by your Veterinarian!

Reptile Dose Measurement Calculator

Dose :

Convert mg → vol
Convert vol → mg
Frequency : 
qD = single dose
Weight : 

Concentration :

1cc = 1 ml 

Dose : 
                        (.05cc =1 drop)

Use this handy online calculator to calculate dosage for medications.

First, you need to enter the required dosage in the first table. Usually you will select the mg/kg/dose option, as this is typically how it is prescribed by a Veterinarian.

Second is dose frequency. Typically, you will leave this alone...qD means single dose, and is the most prescribed method for Reptile dosage. You will need to repeat the calculated dosage based on the prescription. Example: Dose once every 72 hours fora total of five treatments.

Third, enter the weight of your Reptile

Fourth, enter the concentration of your suspension. This will be on the label of your drug. Example 100mg/ml. One ml is equal to 1cc, and you could find either on your label. If the concentration is listed on a per ml basis (x/ml) then you will enter the top value (100 in example) in the first selection box, and you will enter 1 in the second. If your label gives the concentration in a fraction such as 125mg/5ml, you would enter the 125 in the first box, and 5 in the second.

Make sure you make your selections correctly!

Below is the actual mathamatical formula:

Dose (cc) = 
dose (mg/kg/day)  x  weight (kg)
concentration (mg/cc)  x  frequency